Concierge Medicine in New York City - Dr. Gregory Solomon

Concierge Medicine NYC Dr. Solomon believes that proper medical care requires a full examination of the patient’s medical history as well as a thorough and respectful understanding of the patient as an individual. As such, Dr. Solomon devotes extraordinary time and resources to his patients.

In order to provide this level of service, Dr. Solomon’s patients pay an annual retainer as members of his concierge medical practice. This retainer ensures that Dr. Solomon is able to devote all the time that is necessary to your medical concerns both in his office and out.

Concierge Medical Care: Private, Personalized & Attentive

The central focus of Dr. Solomon’s concierge medical practice is establishing personal contact with his patients at every opportunity. This guarantees a close patient-physician relationship whereby important information is constantly exchanged and analyzed, improving care as a result.

As your private doctor, Dr. Solomon personally gathers and analyzes your medical history, completes a comprehensive physical exam, and performs or orders whatever diagnostic tests are indicated. With this information, Dr. Solomon is able to develop for you a personal health management plan, designed specifically for your long-term health needs.

Dr. Solomon will never burden you with medical checklists or have you spend time reciting your medical history to a medical assistant. Dr. Solomon’s brand of concierge medicine cannot be performed through a middleman – treatment is always one on one, patient to doctor.

In addition, if you require admission to Mount Sinai Medical Center, he will be your attending physician. He does not “hand off” your care to hospitalist physicians. If you are admitted to a different hospital, Dr. Solomon will work with the physicians there to fully coordinate your care.

Your Personal Private Doctor & Concierge Physician: Available When You Need Him

Dr. Solomon understands that patients’ medical issues and concerns are not confined to a strict time of day. As a member of Dr. Solomon’s practice, you are guaranteed access to his concierge medical services 24 hours a day through his office, e-mail or cell-phone. For urgent issues, same day visits are guaranteed. For exceptional personalized health care, discover the advantages of concierge medicine with one of the best concierge doctors in New York City, Dr. Gregory Solomon. Visit our Contact Us page to learn how you can get started.